ESA For Kids- Support Animal Benefits in Children

By: Kathryn Anderson Updated: September 14, 2021

ESA For Kids

In full disclosure, CertaPet does not help in the registration process of ESAs for anyone under the age of 18. Still, we would like to inform people of the wonderful benefits of ESA ownership for children. An emotional support animal is a companion animal that a medical professional has determined provides benefit for an individual with a disability. This may include improving at least one symptom of the disability. Emotional support animals, typically dogs, but sometimes cats or other animals, may be used by people with a range of physical, psychiatric, and intellectual disabilities.

ESA For Kids – How to Get an Emotional Support Animal

In order to be prescribed an emotional support animal, the person seeking such an animal must have a verifiable medical of mental health issue. This covers a wide spectrum from social anxiety to depression to autism. To be afforded protection under United States federal law, a person must meet the federal definition of disability. An owner must have a note from a physician or other medical professional stating that the person has a qualified reason for having an ESA. The letter must state that the emotional support animal provides a benefit for the individual. An animal does not need specific training to become an ESA.

ESA For Kids – Benefits For Children

Emotional Support Animals may help alleviate the symptoms of multiple conditions. These include providing help with depression, anxiety, and other social disorders. ESA’s have also known to be successful in helping children cope with autism. A study conducted by the Journal of Pediatric Nursing surveyed parents of children who had autism about the children’s interactions with dogs. Nearly two-thirds of the families owned a dog. Of these, 94 percent said their child bonded strongly with the pet. Even in families without dogs, 7 in 10 parents said their child enjoyed interacting with dogs. The study shows children with autism, who also had a family pet from a young age, tended to have greater social skills.

ESA For Kids – Picking The Right Dog

Parents should consider their child’s sensitivities carefully when choosing a pet. This will help in ensuring a good match. Bringing a dog into any family is a big step, but for families of children with autism, getting a dog should be a decision that’s taken very seriously. A child who is easily agitated or has sensitivities to noise may have great difficulty with an extremely active dog or one that tends to bark. Beagles, Golden Retriever, and Labrador Retrievers are some of the top dog breeds for families with young children. Also, you can check out CertaPet’s list with some of our favorite emotional support dog breeds.

Emotional support dog with kid

ESA For Kids – Final Thoughts

Once again, we at CertaPet do not help with the registration process of ESAs for anyone under the age of  18. We still wanted to inform people of the wonderful benefits of ESA ownership for children. For anyone over the age of 18, CertaPet offers a free and simple 5-minute survey. This survey will help determine if you’re a good candidate for an emotional support animal. If you are considered a good candidate, we can connect you with a licensed mental health professional who will determine if an emotional support animal is best for you.

See If You Qualify for an Emotional Support Animal

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