19 October, 2018

Spirit Airlines ESA Travel Letter Fact Sheet

spirit airlines aircraftFlights have been brimming over with an influx of people trying to get their pets onto planes by passing them off as ESAs. The result has been a series of incidents and many, many unsatisfied passengers. It is hardly surprising that many airlines have changed their policy on allowing emotional support animals to fly with their owners.

Don’t Forget a Thing with CertaPet’s Spirit Airlines ESA Travel Letter Fact Sheet!

Spirit Airlines have joined other airlines in changing their policy to ensure that the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) is not taken advantage of. The ACAA was meant to make it possible for people with debilitating mental illnesses or conditions to fly with their emotional support dog or cat free of charge.

Next thing anyone knew: people were trying to bring peacocks, snakes, and cows onto flights. Not to mention the fraudsters making a quick $ online by selling fake ESA letters!

We have put together a fact sheet for anyone who wants to travel with their ESA on Spirit Airlines flights. Here you will learn what documentation is required (including your ESA letter), breed restrictions, the protocol for an ESA in traveling in the cabin and very clear rules about the behavior of ESAs that are traveling with the airline!

spirit airlines esa travel letter fact sheetspirit airlines emotional support letter travel fact sheet

Spirit Airlines’ new ESA policy is perfectly in line with the ACAA, but will not tolerate any abuse of the provisions they make for ESAs. Now is the time to re-read an airline’s new ESA policy three times before you try to get your ESA onto a plane. Spirit Airlines is VERY clear about their new rules and regulations.

Also make sure if you are traveling with a non-assistance animal, to learn about Spirit’s Pet Policy! Besides the documentation, many rules such as animal behavior apply to your furry little pets as well!

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