Alaska Airlines Pet Policy

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Alaska Airlines Pet Policy

Thanks to the Alaska Airlines Pet Policy, your favorite Fur-Friend can join you on your next holiday! Alaska Airlines makes it possible for the whole family to travel together.

Make sure that you have enough time to prepare and check every box on the list of pet travel requirements.

Boarding with Animals: What Assistance Animals Are Accepted for In-Cabin Flight?

Alaska Airlines allows Service Animals, Psychiatric Service Animals, and Emotional Support Animals to accompany their humans in the cabin, free of charge. No reason for passengers with post-traumatic stress disorder or any other disability to travel alone.

Alaska Airlines ESA Policy has now made amendments to ensure that nobody takes advantage of this service.

Emotional Support Animals

Puppy, cat, rabbits, and a parrot all together, ESAs allowed on Alaska Airlines Pet Policy

According to their pet policy, Alaska Airlines allows the following animal in the cabin (only one):

  • Dogs
  • Cats

If your emotional support animal or Psychiatric Service animal is not on this list, you should call the Airline to ask whether your animal is allowed in the aircraft cabin with you.

Service Animals

The rules for service animals for in-cabin flight is the same as for Emotional Support Animals.

Documentation: The 4 Forms You Will Need Before Arriving at the Airport

Alaska Airlines pet policy requires anyone traveling with an emotional support animal or Service Animal to submit a completed form, found on their website, at least 48 hrs before travel. This document includes:

  • Animal Health Advisory Form
  • Mental Health Form
  • Animal Behavior

In addition to these forms, you will also need to submit the following documents:

ESA Letter

According to Alaska Airlines pet policy, all pet owners require an ESA letter, that needs to be from a certified mental health professional.

Veterinary Health Form

Alaska Airlines pet policy dictates that you will need a health certificate from a vet for your animal that is dated within 10 days of your trip or within 30 days of return travel.

Copy of The Animal’s Current Shot Record

You need to check what the vaccination requirements are for bringing an animal to your planned destination. Make sure your dog has the appropriate vaccinations and take the record with you.

Signed Testament to the Animal’s Behavior

This is essentially a disclaimer saying that you are responsible for the behavior of your dog, and if they misbehave or cause any damages, you will be liable.

It’s a good idea to have all documents ready at for the security checkpoint.

CertaPet’s Alaska Airlines ESA Fact Sheet

To get all the information and more in one place, we created an emotional support animal fact sheet when cruising in the sky with your ESA. Easy to download so you don’t have to forget anything!

Cargo Travel: The 4 Main Facts to Know When Checking-In Your Pet

Dog inside an airline cargo pet carrier at an airport traveling with Alaska Airlines

Alaskan airlines pet policy has a strict set of rules and guidelines pet owners must follow. In order to make your traveling experience safe, fun, and stress-free, we highly recommend that you review the Alaskan Airlines pet policy restriction and check-in sections.

1. Cost

If your dog is not an ESA or Service Animal, you will have to pay $100 per animal per flight. They have a limit on the number of animals that can be in the cargo on each flight. These spots are available on a first-come-first-served basis, so book your tickets as early as possible.

2. Breed Restrictions

Alaska Airlines, like many others, no longer allow Brachycephalic breeds (a.k.a. short-nosed dog breeds or snub-nosed dog breeds) on any of their flights.

These breeds include:


  • Persian
  • Exotic Shorthair
  • Himalayan
  • Burmese


  • Boston Terriers
  • Boxers
  • Bull Dogs
  • Bull Terriers
  • Brussels Griffons
  • Chow Chows
  •  English Toy Spaniels
  • Japanese Spaniels
  • Japanese Chins
  • Mastiffs
  • Pekinese
  • Pit Bulls
  • Pugs
  • Shih Tzu,
  • Staffordshire Terriers

3. Weight and Height Restriction of Carriers

The weight and height restrictions for pet carriers in the cargo compartment is as follows:

Carrier Dimensions:

  • Extra Small (Kennel Size 100): 15” x 16” x 21”
  • Small (Kennel Size 200): 19” x 20” x 27”
  • Medium (Kennel Size 300): 23” x 22” x 32”
  • Large (Kennel Size 400): 26” x 24” x 36”
  • Extra Large (Kennel Size 500): 30″ x 27″ x 40″

Weight Restrictions:

Alaska Airlines has a maximum limit of 150 lbs in the cargo hold, which includes the weight of the kennel and the animal combined. If you exceed that weight, you will need to speak to the airline and you may be charged for the additional weight.

Apart from animals that are carry-on baggage, you will fur passenger that was in cargo or with checked baggage in the baggage claim area after the flight.

4. Regarding Pet Safety

The Alaska Airlines pet policy has a few safety rules that may affect whether or not your animal will be allowed on the flight:

  • Food and Water – The airline requires you to confirm at the check-in counter that you have given your dog food and water within 4 hrs of the flight. If you have connecting flights with layovers exceeding 4 hrs, you can ask to see your animal to give them more food and water.
  • Tranquilizers and Sedatives – Don’t sedate your animal for the flight. The change in the atmosphere may make it more difficult for an animal to breathe even without the sedative.
  • Extreme Outdoor Temperatures – They will not allow pets traveling on a flight in extreme weather conditions. This is for the animal’s safety, as extremely high or extremely low temperatures can be a real health risk for the animals.

Top Tips as You Are Preparing to Travel with Your ESA

  1.  Make sure your dog fits comfortably in his crate. All crates and carriers need to be airline approved and comfortable enough for a dog to be placed in. You can check out more on how to select the best dog crate size here!
  2. It’s important to make sure your dog is relaxed during their entire trip.

Flying with Your: ESA Know the Special Requirements when Traveling with Alaska Airlines!

Before you choose to fly with your ESA, make sure you know what Alaska Airlines pet policy dictates, and what you as a pet owner are responsible for.

Route Restrictions

You need to check with the airline what the restrictions are for pets traveling on the air carrier and route you are intending to take. As well as whether your animal will be allowed at your destination. Routes to Hawaii for example only allow cats and dogs. Other routes may have weight restrictions or specific vaccination requirements.


If your documentation is not in order your animal will not be allowed on the flight!

Animal Relief Areas

You are responsible for cleaning up after your animal. It is not the flight attendants job! It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the pet relief or grassy areas at airport terminals. Especially for international flights and terminals in international airports.

Where to Call or Visit for More Information on Alaskan Airline Pet Policy

  • Alaska Airlines Reservations: 1-800-252-7522
  • Alaska Airlines website

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