Boston Terrier Puppies and Dogs: Meet New York’s Favorite Pooch!

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boston terrier puppies running togetherThe Boston Terrier is New York’s favorite pooch for a few reasons: These dogs have incredible personalities that don’t seem to fit within their diminutive bodies. Mascot of Boston University, they’re a non-sporting black and white dog with an eager, friendly, and incredibly energetic nature.

Among the American Kennel Club’s 194 recognized breeds, the Boston Terrier is ranked 21st in popularity, showing that this breed is clearly one of the favorites of American dog owners.

The Bold History of the B.T.

During the 19th century in England, there was a penchant for cross-breeding dogs for pit fighting and ratting, and this story begins with the Boston Terrier. The short version of the story is the dog originated in the city of Boston as a cross between an English bulldog and the now-extinct English bull terrier.

However, the longer story involves an impressive dog named “Judge” who traveled from Liverpool to Boston. The judge brought with him all the great traits of an English terrier stateside.

The breed eventually resulted in a tuxedoed pup with beauty and amiability which rivaled that of the French bulldog. As a result, these dogs were no longer used for fighting but rather became a status symbol for Boston’s elite.

Since Judge’s arrival and the recognition of the Boston Terrier breed, the dog has become known as the “American Gentleman”. It quickly became the favored dog ahead of the English white terrier and the American bull terrier.

5 Facts You Need to Know About This Tuxedo Dog

There are a lot of facts about the B.T. that many are unaware of. This standout of the non-sporting group is a favorite in every kennel club. Not to mention, Boston Terrier puppies are adorable!

Whether you prefer white Boston Terriers or different colors, there is much to learn about the Boston Terrier breed. Here are five interesting facts you need to know:

1. Sometimes Confused: The Boston Terrier may appear to be a distinct dog, however, it is often confused with the Boston bull and the French bulldog. This is in large part because both dogs played a role in breeding. Today, the Boston Terrier is an incredibly popular dog and is recognized by many.

2. Unique Colors: The Boston Terrier is known for its tuxedoed appearance, which is a primary why the colored Boston Terrier is a favorite among dog lovers. With a white blaze characterizing many of these pooches, you can be sure that yours will be distinct and regal. The coloring is one of the many reasons people fall in love with this puppy.

3. Work in a Pack: Similar to other dogs, the Boston Terrier demonstrates the pack-like behavior. If you have other dogs in your home, then they will likely fit in well. Because of its size, they’re not as threatening to cats as larger dogs. It is best to introduce one to your pack when he or she is a puppy.

4. Excellent Temperament: The Boston Terrier temperament is one of the great selling points of this particular dog breed. Many breeders enjoy this particular animal because of its bright personality. Families easily fall in love with this dog breed as they adjust well with children of any age.

5. Training: Boston Terrier training is quite easy! These dogs love to impress their pack leaders and learn quickly. Dog breeders note that this dog’s temperament plays well into training. Housebreaking and other important steps in dog training are much easier with this particular dog than they are with other, more high-strung breeds.

Appearance and Personality of the Boston Terrier Puppy

The Boston Terrier’s appearance is subtle yet striking.

The average stands a little more than a foot tall and has an average weight of approximately 25 pounds. This dog breed is also incredibly muscular. With a short coat, that is easily cared for by a firm bristle brush, caring for this particular breed is easier than some others. Although they do shed, it isn’t as much as some other breeds.

They also have erect ears and that accounts for its attentive look.

boston terrier rescue looking up

Owners claim that this dog breed has a great disposition at home and is very loyal but also report a lack of Boston Terrier biting. Although this particular dog breed is small, it does have superior strength in its jaws due to its bulldog and terrier lineage.

Boston Terriers love interaction! As a result, they can also experience separation anxiety. So, if you plan to leave the house for an extended period of time, your terrier will likely pick up on your habits, which will become a psychological trigger.

As an American Kennel Club trainer will tell you, this can be neutralized by training. Owners can crate train their Boston Terriers in order to train them the rules of the home and give them their own space.

Many other tips for managing the Boston Terrier’s personality can be found at a local Boston Terrier club. Boston Terriers are excited and eager to please, but they are also very social animals. They love the exercise, companionship, and being around other dogs.

Pawesome Mixes! Here Are Some We All Can Love…

In today’s ever-changing dog world, dog breeders mix new breeds for the best of both worlds. Some of the famous examples include the Goldendoodle and Labradoodle (mixes of both the poodle with the golden retriever or Labrador retriever).

However, their disposition makes it an ideal dog to crossbreed. The Boston Terrier mini is now more in demand than ever. Because of the dog’s size, it’s fairly responsive to breeding with other dogs in the non-sporting and toy groups.

Boston Terrier Pug Mix

The Boston Terrier and pug seem like a natural pair: both have the same excited personality types as well as similar health issues. The good news is the vigor of the initial crossbreed does help many of these issues and can extend the dog’s life.

On the other hand, it could also amplify many of these health issues. Still, if you are looking for a companion that is full of life and excited about nearly everything, it is difficult to beat the Boston Terrier-Pug combination.

Boston Terrier Chihuahua Mix

Chihuahuas are famously neurotic and not the most appealing personalities. In addition to their common health issues, Chihuahuas are also high maintenance dogs. Fortunately, the cross-breeding with a B.T. helps many of these issues.

A Boston Terrier-Chihuahua mix is much less neurotic and far more trainable. The dog’s vigor is ideal and it blends the petite nature of the Chihuahua with the easygoing and strong build of the Boston Terrier.

Boston Terrier French Bulldog Mix

These two dogs have a similar physique and appearance. Much like the pug and the Boston Terrier crossbreed, you can get the best of both worlds with this adorable crossbreed.

Boston Terrier Vs French Bulldog: They Look Similar but are Different

The Boston Terrier is often mistaken with faux-Frenchie puppies. You can tell the difference by looking at the dog’s ears. Boston Terriers have erect ears, while the French bulldog is known for its rounded ears.

The French bulldog’s features are also a bit more delicate than the Boston Terrier’s. The Boston Terrier also has a stouter build. The French Bulldog is a wonderful companion and mirrors many of the same great qualities as the Boston Terrier.

Boston Terrier Puppies are Full of Energy!

As with any puppy, setting boundaries is extremely important. Boston Terrier puppies are loaded with energy; therefore, the key is to work it out of them!

Having a backyard or living in close proximity to a local public park can help. Take time to be outside with them. Once they are able to run and get out of some of their energy, you can then work on training.

Crate training is another important aspect of Boston Terrier training. Like other dogs, BTs in the wild would sleep in dens. The crate is their den and safe space. By introducing them to a crate and building a routine, they will quickly become house trained. Dogs will not urinate and defecate in areas where they live.

Be sure to work on training each day, allow them to run off their energy, and your Boston Terrier will become an ideal companion.

boston terrier puppy jumping

A Brachycephalic Breed With A Few Health Problems…

Unfortunately, the Boston Terrier does have some health problems. As one of the brachycephalic breeds, the way their nose and mouth are constructed causes them to snore while sleeping. Unlike dogs with more traditional snouts, they can’t pull in air as easily and their breathing can be more labored.

It is also important to ensure the folds around their faces are cleaned regularly. This can help keep them clean and prevent infections.

Spinal cord issues also area a problem due to the way the dog was bred. One such spinal cord issue is hemivertebrae, which can be serious. The deformities of the vertebrae over time can put pressure on the spinal cord, causing the dog pain and the inability to use its limbs.

Be sure to have your Boston Terrier checked and monitored regularly, especially if you notice him or her experiencing pain or wobbling while walking. Surgery is the best way to fix the issue, though it isn’t always successful and can involve a long road to recovery.

Finally, BTs are prone to parakeratotic hyperkeratosis, which is a skin disorder. This particular disorder affects how the skin is replaced. The good news is that studies have shown to treat lesions.

In fact, zinc supplements can help prevent lesions from developing on the skin.

What is the Life Span?

The typical lifespan of a Boston Terrier is 13-15 years. With a nutritious diet and regular exercise, yours will have a wonderful, exciting life, and become a great family companion.

The key to optimal health is ensuring that your Boston Terrier maintains a healthy weight. This means strictly following feeding instructions and avoiding treats or people food. Sure, your cute dog will make you want to give in, but resist the temptation!

A Fancy Pooch with A Hefty Price Tag: Boston Terrier Price

One disadvantage to the tuxedo dog is the price. Boston Terriers are not cheap dogs!

In addition to the cost of purchasing a BT, you may also end up spending serious money on vet bills if yours has health problems.

Boston Terrier Rescues!

However, the good news is not all Boston Terriers are expensive. Visit Boston Terrier rescue facilities, and you could walk out with a dog that will be a grateful lifetime companion.

Boston Terrier Puppies for Sale!

Finding Boston Terrier puppies for sale is as simple as finding Boston Terrier breeders. Be sure the breeder is registered with the American Kennel Club, as that provides some purchase protection. Breeders will have the necessary information about the dog’s lineage, which is always helpful when learning about your new pet.

5 Tips for First Time Bossy Owners!

Your Boston Terrier is going to be a great family companion, but here are some great tips to help you make sure your dog becomes a great fit in your home:

  1. Be Patient: Dog training requires time and patience. With patience and persistence, your Boston Terrier will learn what they need to do and training will become a breeze.
  2. No People Food: Everyone loves to feed dogs people food, but this is a very bad idea. This breed isn’t accustomed to the calorie-dense food. This can cause serious weight gain that can eventually exacerbate other health issues.
  3. Visit the Vet: They will need regular check-ups. Be sure to visit the vet as prescribed to ensure that your Boston Terrier is always in good health.
  4. Exercise: Boston Terriers are not independent exercisers. Take your terrier for a walk or out into the backyard so they can exert some of their pent-up energy.
  5. Enjoy Every Moment: Dogs make great pets because they are grateful for everything you do. Since we have a limited time with dogs, make sure you enjoy every moment with your Boston Terrier as they will enjoy every one with you.


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