U.S. Cities with the Most Pet Friendly Airbnb Listings

By: Kathryn Anderson Updated: April 21, 2023

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The holiday season is fast approaching. Jet-setting on holiday get-aways with our family is in order, and when we say family, we mean the whole family––pets included. But which vacation spots are the most ideal when we’re traveling with our furry BFFs? CertaPet analyzed pet-friendly listings on Airbnb to find out.

Using the “pets allowed” filter on Airbnb, we tallied the number of pet-friendly Airbnb listings in 100 destination cities across the U.S., specifying check-in and check-out dates between Christmas and New Year’s Day, to find the travel destinations with the most pet-friendly Airbnbs this holiday season. We also scraped the average nightly price of Airbnbs in each city, to uncover where holiday travelers can book the cheapest, pet-friendly Airbnb during this time frame. 

So which destination cities have the most budget-friendly Airbnbs that are perfect for our canine travel companions? Will it be Boulder, Montauk, Kennebunkport, or other vacation spots? Read on to see how the results shake out!


Which Travel Destinations Have the Most Pet-Friendly Airbnbs?

a U.S. map plotting the 25 cities with the most pet-friendly Airbnbs per 100,000 people

First, we looked at the number of pet-friendly Airbnb listings between Christmas and New Year’s in each city per 100,000 people––taking each city’s population into account.

One of the Pacific Northwest region’s best-kept secrets just an hour and a half west of Portland, Cannon Beach, OR, took the top spot on our list! Cannon Beach is famous for Haystack Rock, a rich food scene, art galleries, and now, apparently, an abundance of Airbnbs where pets are welcome. Cannon Beach had 88 pet-friendly Airbnb listings (which chalks up to almost 6,000 per 100,000 people). For a population size under 1,500 people, this is a significant number of listings.

Other destination cities rounding out our top five are Lake of the Ozarks, MO, Gatlinburg, TN, Telluride, CO, and Tybee Island, GA––each with 2,500+ Airbnb listings per 100,000 people.


a U.S. map plotting the 25 cities with the most pet-friendly Airbnbs overall

For a comprehensive look at Airbnbs in all 100 cities, we also took a look at the total number of pet-friendly Airbnb listings between Christmas and New Year’s in each city, overall––leaving population out of the equation. 

In this instance, Cape Cod, MA reigns supreme with 287 pet-friendly Airbnb listings during the designated time frame––not too shabby for a population size of 228,996 people. Every holiday season, Bostonians flock to Cape Cod for a majestic wintertime escape at the beach, and with this many pet-friendly stays at travelers’ fingertips, it’s no surprise why. 

Miami Beach, FL, Asheville, NC, Nashville, TN, and Charleston, SC also landed top five spots on this list. Many of these cities are notorious dog-loving destinations! Both Miami Beach and Asheville had 285 pet-friendly Airbnb listings between Christmas and New Year’s. The art deco-themed South Beach is known for its pet-friendly accommodations, from boutique hotels to Airbnb stays, so it’s no shocker this beachfront holds a strong position in the top five. 

The city we were surprised to see in the top five was the Appalachian mountain town, Asheville, NC, bordering the Blue Ridge Parkway. 285 stays is a shockingly-high number of pet-friendly Airbnb listings for a population size under 100,000 people. With a number of dog-friendly mountain trails and outdoor excursions, we suppose it makes sense that Asheville’s Airbnb scene is a puppy paradise!


Which Travel Destinations Have the Cheapest Pet-Friendly Airbnbs?

a U.S. map plotting the cities with the most and least expensive, pet-friendly Airbnbs

Lastly, we looked at the average nightly price of Airbnb listings in all 100 cities between Christmas and New Year’s. Aspen, CO ranks as the #1 most expensive city with the average price of Airbnbs hovering above $1,200 per night this holiday season. Aspen as a travel destination is recognized as the height of luxury for skiers and mountain lovers, alike; so, it’s no surprise that pet-friendly Airbnbs are pretty pricey in this area.

Montauk, NY, Shelter Island, NY, Key West, FL, and Lake Tahoe, CA follow as the most expensive cities for a pet-friendly Airbnb. In contrast, the three cities with the least expensive Airbnb listings this holiday season are Cheyenne, WY, Oklahoma City, OK, and Omaha, NE. You’ll have an easy time finding an Airbnb that will welcome your pet for under $125 in these areas. 


Tips For Traveling With Pets

Now that you know where the most pet-friendly Airbnb listings are located around the U.S., it’s time to start planning your trip with your furry friend(s). Here are some quick, pro tips for traveling with your pets!

  • If flying, book with a pet-friendly airline. Research their pet policies and any restrictions well in advance. Booking a direct flight, purchasing a pet carrier, and talking with your veterinarian before you board are all factors to consider. 
  • Consider an alternative to air travel. Driving, taking the train, or flying privately are all options for when you’re avoiding the airways. 
  • Create a packing list for your pets. ID tags, medications, vaccinations records, and a first aid kit are all items to consider along with the day-to-day essentials like food, leashes, harnesses, water bowls, poop bags, and litter boxes.

Oftentimes, the holiday season can be filled with anxiety or stress. If you or someone you know suffers from anxiety, CertaPet can help connect you to a consultation for a psychiatric service dog or emotional support animal to help support your mental wellness. 



The 100 cities analyzed in this study were pulled from PureWow’s, “Top Vacation Spot in Every U.S. State” and Travel Pulse’s, “Every State’s Best Travel Destination.” 

For each city, we searched the number of Airbnb listings with the following dates and filters applied:

  • Check-in date of December 26, 2021, and check-out date of January 2, 2022, to represent holiday travel between Christmas and New Years
  • Applied the filter “entire house” for each search. Most travelers want a space of their own without having to share with others.
  • Applied the filter “pets allowed” to indicate a pet-friendly Airbnb
  • Applied the filters of at least 1 bed and at least 1 bathroom. These items are necessary for an overnight stay.

Lastly, Airbnb calculates an “average nightly price” for each city search conducted, with the filters applied. 


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