what is an emotional support animal 2

What is an Emotional Support Animal?

what is an emotional support animal 2

An emotional support animal (ESA) is a pet that provides companionship to a person who suffers from symptoms of a mental or emotional disability.

Unlike other types of service animals, ESA certification is not limited to only dogs.

Another key difference is that emotional support animals do not require any kind of specialized training. In fact, very little training is required at all, provided that the animal in question is reasonably well behaved by normal standards, such as being fully house-broken and does not have bad habits that would disturb neighbors, such as frequent or lengthy episodes of barking.

Additionally, the animal can not pose a danger to the other tenants or workers.

In order to qualify for an emotional support animal, you need an official letter from a certified mental health professional, such as  a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist. Learn more about how to get your ESA letter here.

Having an emotional support animal entitles you to protection from housing discrimination and gives you the ability to take your pet with you in the cabin on commercial airlines, free of charge.

Learn more about the benefits of an emotional support animal hereYou can also take our online screening to see if you qualify for an emotional support animal. The survey only takes a few minutes and is 100% free.

See If You Qualify for an ESA


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  1. Erin Kraemer

    I work at a school and would like to bring my puppy to work with me as an ESA. I have gotten approval from the school principal. The animal is registered without a letter from my doctor. Do I need to get approval from the school board or county office of education before I bring my dog to work? If there should be a complaint, who is legally responsible and liable for any damage claims?

  2. dee

    How much time is a emotional support dog suppose to be with owner? Are they suppose to go everywhere with them?

  3. Amy Opperman

    When I got my ESA I STILL payed my landlord a petdeposit. Is that because I got him after I had already lived here for almost 3 years before needing my ESA dog?

  4. Post
  5. Theresa

    I’m confused if the Ada does not protect an esa then what is the purpose of an esa letter. Is it possible that an apartment complex deny you even though you have this letter? I am moving in a month and the pet fees are outrages and I know that I would definitely qualify for an esa letter but I can’t afford to pay 200 and then get denied and have to pay a pet deposit

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