Getting an Emotional Support Animal in Atlanta, GA

By: Kathryn Anderson Updated: April 6, 2021

With the scientific community on board, there are now laws in place that benefit and protect individuals who have need of an emotional support animal (ESA). Learn how getting an emotional support animal in Atlanta is easier than ever – if you follow the right laws and rules.

Emotional Support Animal in Atlanta vs. Service Animal in Atlanta

It’s easy to confuse service animals with emotional support animals, but understand that they are not the same.

Service animals help -people who have physical limitations. These services can range from helping people around their houses to picking up dropped items. Emotional support animals, on the other hand, simply provide emotional support by their mere presence. Simply petting or holding an ESA can provide the emotional support that someone may need in times of great stress.

An emotional support animal in Atlanta don’t need any specialized training and can be quite exotic. In most cases, dogs and horses fill the roles of service animals. ESAs can be rodents, snakes, turtles, and so on.

Specific protection for Emotional Support Animals in Atlanta, GA  

Due to the differences between ESAs and service animals, the law views and treats them differently. In many cases, service animals receive more favor from the law. For example, a dog leading a visually impaired individual will likely be allowed into a non-pet friendly restaurant as opposed to a pet snake that helps to alleviate anxiety.

However, ESAs in Atlanta, GA (and many other cities and states) have a few laws that protect them.

Travel Laws for an Emotional Support Animal in Atlanta

Do you plan on flying with your ESA anytime soon? Then you’ll need to know about the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA). The ACAA has very stringent rules, but it ultimately protects your ESA during air travel.

To allow your ESA to travel in the cabin with you, you must provide an emotional support animal letter from a mental health professional (such as a psychologist for example). The letter must have the mental health professional’s letterhead, can’t be more than one year old, and must indicate the practice (psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.).

Employment Laws

If your employer has five or more employees, they must make reasonable accommodations for both you and your ESA. Ultimately, it’s illegal for an employer to discriminate against an employee who suffers from a mental or emotional condition.

Keep in mind that your employer has the right to ask for documentation concerning your need for an ESA in the workplace.

Housing Laws

Similar to employment laws, you cannot receive discrimination from your landlord due to your emotional support animal in Atlanta. ESA’s are protected under the Fair Housing Act emotional support animal section, which states that you can legally live with your ESA. This is the case even if your landlord has a “no pets” policy in place. Keep a letter of proof on hand just in case your landlord asks for it.

Exception to Rules

There are a few exceptions to the rules.

An emotional support animal in Atlanta, for example, doesn’t receive the same range of public freedom as service animals. Furthermore, when it comes to your living situation, your ESA can’t pose a danger to either the property or other tenants.

How to get an ESA in Atlanta, GA  

The best way to get an emotional support animal in Atlanta is to be approved by a certified mental health professional such as a clinical social worker, psychologist, or psychiatrist. Before you can be approved for an ESA, you must pass a confidential questionnaire that will determine whether or not you qualify. It shouldn’t take you more than five minutes.

Where to Take your Emotional Support Animal in Atlanta, GA   

Never leave your pet at home again! Check out these pet-friendly locations for your emotional support animal in Atlanta, GA!

Pet-friendly dog parks & trails

Piedmont Dog Parktake up to three of your furry friends down to this dog park. There’s plenty of running room!

Chattaholchee River National Recreational Area – if you’re a fan of rivers and trees this will be an excellent location to take your leashed dog for a walk.

Pet-friendly restaurants & bars

Brewhouse Cafe – a big hit with casual dog lovers who bring their pets with them as they dine and enjoy the casual setting.  

Buckhead Saloon not only does the Buckhead Saloon have a massive pet friendly patio area, but there’s live music Thursday through Sunday!

Pet-friendly hotels

Renaissance Atlanta Midtown Hotelthis hotel welcomes up two dogs of any size (pet fees apply).

Hotel Indigo Atlanta Midtownyou can bring two pets of any size (pet fees apply).


Werepups Halloween Bash – dress your pooch up this Halloween at this fun event! There will be dancing, prizes, and costume contests for both humans and dogs alike! This is a fun family/pet friendly event.  

There are many more activities and events in the Atlanta area where you can take your ESA. Do your research and have fun!

How to Get an Emotional Support Animal in Atlanta

Know that you don’t have to suffer alone. If you deal with a mental disability, you should understand that the law is on your side in Atlanta, GA. It’s estimated that nearly 61.5 million Americans will suffer from a mental illness in 2017.

If you feel that an emotional support animal can help you with your situation, take the test today (it only takes five minutes) and contact a mental health professional. An ESA can significantly increase your quality of life.

Do you Qualify for an ESA? Find Out in 5 Minutes

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