Why Your ESA Deserves a Trip to a Pet Supermarket or Pet Store

By: Kathryn Anderson Updated: September 15, 2021

fabulous jack russell with cash on its way to a pet supermarket

A pet supermarket – is it a supermarket for pets? Or is it a supermarket where pet parents buy pet stuff? Well, it’s both! A place for you and your four-legged friend to shop together for all their needs and wants!

Your Emotional Support Animal Gives You So Much: Time to Give Back a Little

Doesn’t a trip down to the pet supermarket sound like a super fun outing? Imagine allowing your emotional support animal (ESA) to choose their new chew toy. They can sniff out the different dog foods and treats on offer and let you know which one they like best. Hint: All of them!

A visit to the supermarket could be a fun outing and some bonding time for you and your pooch. It could also be an exciting socializing session for your doggo.

You Can’t Buy Happiness, But You Can Buy it for Your ESA at Pet Stores Near Me!

What does your pet value? What is pupper-happiness? Treats, pet food, toys, and spending time with you. All these are available at the pet supermarket! Taking your hound with you to the pet products store could be a fabulous way to let them know just how much they mean to you.

Make Sure Your Emotional Support Dog Knows About Pet Store Etiquette!

You don’t want what is supposed to be a fun outing to turn into a canine-etiquette nightmare. Make sure that your pup is trained with some basic social skills before heading out on an excursion like this.

You will want to ensure that your pooch doesn’t go potty in aisle number three or tear their way through 27 bags of pet food! Incessant barking at other dogs, small animals, or patrons is also a no-no.

Here are some basic commands that should be instilled before venturing out to a pet supermarket:

  • Heel” and “Leave-It” – Your pooch should know to stay by your side when requested. They should also be good at leaving something enticing when you ask them to.
  • Go-Potty” – It is a good idea to make sure that your dog can do their business on cue. Best to empty that bladder before entering the store so that there are no unpleasant accidents while shopping!
  • Quiet”- A cue to quieten your dog when they come across something exciting or scary.

happy emotional support dog in the food aisle of a pet store

Pet-Friendly Supermarkets and Pet Stores are Amazing!

Shopping trips with your canine bestie don’t have to be limited to pet retail stores. There are also some pet-friendly supermarkets that you could take Fido with too.

Is it your turn to buy books for book club? You can take your four-legged side-kick with you to Half Price Books to help you make your selection. If you and your hound want to stock up on some outdoor gear, Gander Outdoors welcomes pooches in their stores.

Most Abercrombie and Fitch stores welcome dogs. So, bring Fido along when next you need some fashion advice.

The wide aisles of Home Depot stores make them ideal for shopping with your pooch in tow (make sure to double check your own store before just for safe measures). If your pup is on a leash, they have a dog-friendly policy.

Most Ross Dress for Less has a pet section among their plentiful offerings at low prices. Your pup can join in the retail fun by choosing their own items from the pet aisle.

Other retail chains known to be pet-friendly include Banana Republic, Apple Store, Tractor Supply Co., Saks Fifth Avenue, Gap, and many more!

Stores that are not part of the retail chains mentioned above might also have pet-friendly policies. As responsible pet parents, it is best to check in advance to find out if you could bring your pooch along. Also keep in mind that if you want good customer service, you must keep your pooch in check.

Letting Your ESA Pick Their Own Toys or Treats will Bring You Such Joy!

Does your doggo love a soft toy, a bouncy toy, or a squeaky toy?! If you cannot decide, why not let them make the decision for you. Your ball-loving bestie will be over the moon to be able to choose their own toy from the supermarket shelf!

You Can Treat Them to A Pamper Session!

Shopping and a spa session. What more could a pet ask for! Many pet supermarkets have grooming salons in store. Why not book a grooming session for your doggo so that they can get their swag on for the shopping spree!

What PetsMart Grooming Offers

PetSmart has academy-trained pet stylists with hundreds of hours of grooming experience. They are knowledgeable in bathing, trimming, and styling dogs of all shapes and sizes.

A Spa Day of PetCo Grooming

PetCo groomers are certified stylists that love what they do. They offer packages tailor-made to suit your needs. With everything from bathing and grooming to ear-cleaning, nail-trimming, and hair accessories!

family with emotional support dog at a pet shop

Your Outing Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank: Find Those Pet Supermarket Coupons!

It’s quite likely that your dear doggo will want more than one toy. Also, you might be tempted to stock up on a few different kinds of treats.

To make sure that your shopping trip doesn’t break the bank, get your paws on some coupons before heading on down to the local pet supermarket. You can have a look online. Some stores reward loyal customers with discount coupons, so sign up for those loyalty programs!

Pet Supermarket Near Me? Pet Stores Near Me? 

We have you covered in the pet store department! Take Fido to one of these pet-friendly stores:

PetsMart Near Me!

They have pet retail stores all over the country and a broad assortment of all things pets. Premium pet food supplies, dog wash shampoo, toys, and accessories. PetSmart is a great choice for shopping with, and for, your pooch.

PetCo Near Me!

PetCo believes in meeting all your pet care needs. Their comprehensive pet specialty product selection and list of services offered make PetCo stores a great shopping destination!

Harris Teeter Near Me!

Harris Teeter supermarkets only allow service dogs in their stores. In the comfort of your own home, with your canine companion on your lap, et the most from their wide selection of pet food and supplies by shopping online!

What About Pet Supplies Plus? Pet Supply Plus Pet Stores Near Me!

This is the 3rd biggest pet retailer in the U.S. and is definitely worth a visit!

couple with dog choosing dog food

ESAs Deserve the Best We Can Give Them: Which Means the Occasional Spoils!

Our companion animals do so much for us in the form of loyalty, companionship, and unconditional love. They don’t ask for much in return. Aside from making sure that they get a healthy, balanced diet and appropriate exercise, it is fun to spoil them and show our appreciation from time to time.

Find Those Petsmart Locations and Take Fido to the Pet Shop!

Pet supermarkets are a-ok with you bringing your dog along. Some other establishments might not be so amenable. Do you want your canine companion to tag along with you to more places than the pet store? With an ESA letter flying and renting accommodation with your ESA is easy!

Contact Certapet to find out more about getting an ESA letter for you and your furry friend. Just take the quick 5-minute pre-screening questionnaire to find out whether you could be eligible for an ESA!

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