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pet formula for newborn puppies
19 November, 2017

A Pet Parent’s Guide to Puppy Formula for Newborn Puppies

Being a pupper is not easy. Life is really hard when it seems like the sole purpose of your existence is to be adored and looked after. On top of that, there is an implied expectation of bringing to humans happiness in its purest form. Newborn puppies master all of these tasks in their (albeit floppy) strides, but the most …

salmon oil for dogs
14 November, 2017

Using Salmon Oil for Dogs: Safety, Benefits, Dosage, Coupons and More

Salmon oil is an incredible supplement and can have incredible health benefits for humans as well as dogs, but before giving it to your dog, there are a few things to take into consideration. As with any other decision we make on behalf of our fur-children, we need to be sure that we are making informed decisions and learning about …

calico cats
14 November, 2017

The Magic and Beauty of Calico Cats

Every type of furry feline offers something special and different. However, there is something about the Calico Cat that makes them specifically unique. From their range of beautiful colors and patterns to their interesting personality or to the mystery as to why there are very few male calico cats around, there are many reasons to love calico cats. In case …