Holistic Only Natural Pet Products for Healthy, Happy Furkids

Reading Time: 4 minutes Pet parents want what is best for their canine companions. There are so many brands of dog food out there. Choosing between them can become very overwhelming. We are here to help. Only Natural Pet food products are among the top grain-free pet food products to feed your pooches!Table of ContentsGo Natural with Only Natural Pet Products!You

King of the Freeze-Dried Dog Food Crop: TruDog Pet Food

Reading Time: 3 minutes If there’s one thing all pet owners do is try to find the healthiest and most delicious dog foods for their pups. There are so many great options available on the market, but TruDog truly stands out from the competition. Their freeze-dried treats make any puppy run around with joy while still being wholesome. They’re a great

Cat Care 101: When, How and Why Do Cats Purr?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Take a guess at how many cat lovers melt when they hear a kitty purr. Answer: all of them! But how many pet owners can actually answer the question “Why do cats purr?” Not very many. A purring sound can have a lot of different meanings. Sure, cats that purr are usually happy; but did you know they can also be frightened? Keep

How to Discipline a Dog Without Punishing Them

Reading Time: 4 minutes As a pet parent, one of the most difficult decisions we face is how to discipline a dog. Choosing a certain method of discipline can either make or break our furry friends. Most of us want a spirited and happy canine. However, we also want a pet that will toe the line. We want a pup that won’t wreck the house and garden. We want a doggo

The Ultimate Playful Pups: The Irish Setter Dog Breed

Reading Time: 3 minutes Are you eager to welcome a bouncy pup into your home? Consider the Irish Setter Dog, fiery in temperament and color. Whether you’re looking for a hunting dog or a family-friendly companion, this regal, yet mischievous redhead gleans affection wherever it goes. As a sporting breed, Setters are the life of the party and keep their spirited

ESA Weekly News September 10th: Michigan Cracking Down on Fake ESAs and Temple University Welcomes ESAs

Reading Time: 3 minutes Every week, we keep you informed about the latest emotional support animal news. We’re exploring two stories this week. The first is about a law being studied in the Michigan House concerning the misrepresentation of ESAs. The second is a look at Temple University and their experience with ESAs. See If You Qualify for An ESA HereTable

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