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dog body inside look
14 January, 2019

A Simple Guide to Understanding Dog Anatomy

Dog anatomy is as complex as human anatomy. Anatomy is the study of the structures which reside within an animals body. Anatomy will vary from species to species, but if you get a good understanding of the basics of dog anatomy, then learning about other species will be a piece of cake! Table of Contents What is Canine Anatomy and …

12 January, 2019

Finnish Spitz is Their Name: Hunting Vermin’s Their Game

You’d be forgiven for thinking the Finnish Spitz was a fox at first glance: after all, these redheaded (and bodied) pups do have a very vulpine look about them! But these amazing dogs actually belong to an ancient breed that is thought to date back thousands of years. Read on to learn more about the history, care, health, and temperament …

petcube pet camera
11 January, 2019

The Best Pet Cameras of 2019: PetCube and More!

Keeping tabs on our furry pals is something most pet parents want to do when they’re away. As animal lovers, our pets hold a special place in our hearts. If you hate being apart from your beloved then a pet camera will be perfect for you. Table of Contents Keep an Eye on Your Furry-Friend: What is a Pet Camera?Features …

upper respiratory infection in cats, cat nose snotty
10 January, 2019

Can Cats get Colds? What is an Upper Respiratory Infection in Cats?

Is Kitty sneezing? It may be she has a cold. Yes, cats can get colds and it is more formally known as upper respiratory infections in cats. Indeed, cat flu is another, more severe, type of upper respiratory infection which sometimes develops complications such as pneumonia. We can vaccinate against the severe viral causes of flu. But the common cold is …

bedlington terrier dog standing in field
10 January, 2019

The Bedlington Terrier aka The World’s Fluffiest Watchdog

The Bedlington Terrier on first sighting across a field could well be mistaken for Mary’s little lamb! This dolichocephalic (has a long skull), naturally floppy-eared character is, however, more a wolf in sheep’s clothing, so to say. Table of Contents A Brief History of the Bedlington Terrier Dog Breed The Appearance of These Fluffy Terriers Average Size and Weight!Bedlington Coats and Colors! Bedlingtons …

10 January, 2019

Setting Pups Up for Success: The Alliance of Therapy Dogs

The Alliance of Therapy Dogs is a non-profit organization that certifies dogs as therapy animals. Today, more and more medical professionals are seeing the importance of animal-assisted therapy (AAT) and animal-assisted activities (AAA) on people’s health and state of mind. So, if you’d like to join the movement and learn more about animal therapy through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs, …