The #1 Dog Grooming Guide: What You Need to Know

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Proper nutrition, regular exercise, vet check-ups, and dog grooming are foundations for a healthy and happy dog. However, most people think that grooming serves only to make a dog look nice. In fact, dog grooming is so much more and consists of bathing, brushing, paw, nail, teeth, and ear care.

Without proper care, a dog can develop serious health problems that can impair the quality of life he is having.

Why Bathing a Dog is Crucial!

Bathing is the best way to make your dog clean, and a chance to inspect his body for suspicious lumps and bumps. By removing all the dirt, loose hairs, allergens and all those nasty things you will keep a dog’s skin and coat healthy; important schtuff for dog grooming!

Generally, most dogs can benefit from once a month bath that will maintain them in pristine condition. However, not all breeds have the same coat type and others like rolling in the dirt every other day.

If this is the case with your pooch and he needs frequent baths in order to stay clean use a natural shampoo. This way you will prevent dry and flaky skin and keep the coat always shiny and healthy.

Most dogs don’t like to be bathed so you will have to be patient and teach him to tolerate this routine. Owners of larger and older dogs can opt for a backyard hose bath since a bathtub can be slippery and too small for a big dog.

Brush That Coat with Your Dog Grooming Tools!

Regular brushing will remove loose hair and dirt that makes a coat dull looking. It also prevents the occurrence of mats and tangles that can create skin infection.

Grooming also distributes the natural skin oils through the length of all hairs thus keeping the coat healthy and glowing. You should use a special brush according to a type of coat your dog has in order to avoid injuries to the skin.

Short-haired dogs like Pitbulls can be brushed once a week or less often with a curry brush or rubber glove. Double-coated breeds like Husky need to be groomed once a week with a slicker brush, and during the shedding season once a day.

Long hair can easily become matted, and dogs like Afghan hounds need to be brushed with a wire pin brush twice a week. Curly breeds like Poodles can also develop tangles and need to be brushed twice a week to keep those curls under control.

Most dogs hate being brushed so it is important to start young and teach a dog that brushing can be a pleasant activity.

Dog Grooming Supplies! You Don’t Need to Go to Dog Grooming School for This!

Get that toothbrush!

Unlike us, dogs can’t get cavities, but that doesn’t mean that they can spend their entire lives without proper dental care. Brushing your dog’s teeth is the best way to prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar that results in periodontal disease.

Human toothpaste is dangerous for dogs if ingested and our toothbrushes can damage their gums. You should use a canine toothbrush that has softer bristles and a canine toothpaste.

Dogs usually don’t like to have their teeth on display so you should teach your dog to stay calm during teeth brushing. Once your dog has accepted teeth brushing, do your best to brush his teeth every day.

A regular routine will prevent the bacterial buildup in the mouth, and keep a dog’s teeth clean and breath fresh. Learn how here!

Get that ear cleaning solution!

The curvy and twisty design of a dog’s ear is a perfect place for bacteria and yeast to live and grow. If a dog’s ear isn’t cleaned regularly he is bound to develop an ear infection or other ear-related problems.

Use a natural ear cleaning solution to remove the waxy buildup from the ear canal once a week. A cotton ball will soak the excess fluid and you can use it to clean the outer ear as well. If your dog has hairs growing in his ear, use tweezers to pluck them and keep the ear healthy and dry.

The Brush, like we explained above!

Brushing their coat, whether furry or not, is important for dog grooming and giving the proper health care they need.

Dog Grooming Near Me: How to Find a One for Your Pup

Regular grooming is a duty of every dog owner and a way to keep a dog healthy and clean. Our dog grooming guide is designed to teach you the basic essentials and help you take care of your pup.

We know that this may seem overwhelming but once you and your dog are used to the routine, grooming will be a fun way to spend time. At the end of the day, we all want to have a happy, healthy and clean dog and grooming can help us with that.

Petco Dog Grooming and Petsmart Dog Grooming

With the many throughout the country, there is a good chance a Petco and Petsmart store is nearby. Go to either website or just travel to your nearest shopping center and take a good look around; also word of your mouth – your friend might have one in mind!

Read for more in-depth info on a complete dog grooming guide here!

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