Taste of the Wild: Pet Food Based on Their Ancestry

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A family owned and operated pet food company, Taste of the Wild offers nutritious and healthy pet food to both dogs and cats. This USA based company strives to produce pet food formulas that cater to your dog—or cats’—ancestry! So, if you’d like to learn more about this delicious dog food, then read on!

What is the Taste of the Wild?

Whether you own a small Beagle or a Labrador, Taste of the Wild dog food will certainly have something for you.

Taste of the Wild is a family owned pet food business that strives to provide nutritious, quality, and—most of all—affordable pet food!

The companies main mantra is to produce a pet food that mirrors their ancestral diets. This means that all pet foods claim to be:

  • Free from artificial flavors, preservations, and colors
  • Contain non-GMO ingredients
  • Enriched with over 80 million probiotics
  • Grain-Free

This popular pet food company is made in the USA! They currently own five facilities located in California, Missouri, Arkansas, and South Carolina. Diamond Pet Foods own and manufacture this dog food.

Diamond Pet Foods is a pet food manufacturer who also produces other dog foods like Blue Buffalo, Nutra, and Diamond.

Is this the Best Dry Dog Food Good for your Adult Dog?

Husky holding meat in its mouth

Taste of the Wild is fairly healthy and affordable dog food. As a family owned and operated business, this company focuses on producing quality recipes at a low cost. They are a great alternative for pet owners who are unable to afford higher end pet foods.

It’s a High Protein Dog Food

Taste of the Wild dog food is high in protein. The average protein content will range anywhere between 25% to 30%, depending on what formula you choose. The main source of protein comes from the meats used to create the formulas.

It’s An All Natural Dog Food

Taste of the Wild pet food contains high-quality ingredients like beef, venison, and salmon. Nearly all formulas also include an array of fruits, vegetables, chicory, and probiotics.

They have the Best Limited Ingredient Dog Food

Limited ingredient diets is a perfect option for dogs or cats who suffer from allergies or skin problems. This is because limited ingredient diets contain roughly 4 to 5 key ingredients in each formula

The theory behind limiting ingredients in pet food stems from the idea that by limiting ingredients, you decrease the chance of a food sensitivity reaction occurring.

Taste of the Wild Limited diets will contain no more than 4 key ingredients. This generally includes a meat source, lentils, tomato pomace, and sunflower oil.

Is TOTW the Best Grain-Free Dog Food?

Taste of the Wild prides themselves at providing dog food that meets their ancestral needs. Of course, with that claim, this pet food company does not add any grains to their formulas. It is important to remember that a grain-free diet is not always a healthy diet; however, some dogs and cats may benefit from them.

If you’d like to give this dog food a try, then check out their top 2 formulas.

  1. Southwest Canyon Premium Dry Dog Food: This formula contains beef, wild boar, salmon, and lamb meal as their main protein source. This is a high protein diet and so it is ideal for active or working dogs.
  2. Pacific Stream Adult – Smoked Salmon: Yet another high protein diet, Pacific Stream Adult contains salmon, smoked salmon, and white fish as their main protein source.

Our Pick on the 3 Healthiest Dog Food Brands on the Market!

Taste of the Wild has often been described as the more affordable version of Acana and Orejin pet foods. Although, TOTW is fairly healthy dog food, a lot of claims have been made in regards to its authenticity.

So, if you’re not sure if this pet food is right for you, then check out some other healthy pet food companies.

  1. Orijen dog food: No doubt, Orijen is easily considered one of the healthiest pet foods in the market. This pet food company strives to produce formulas that meet a dog or cats biology. The company was founded in Canada and contains fresh ingredients.
  2. Acana dog food: A sister company belonging to the makers of Origen, Acana is too considered biologically appropriate food. The big difference between the two pet food lines is that Acana contains lower protein. Therefore, Acana is a lot more affordable when compared to Origen.
  3. The Honest Kitchen: Have you ever heard of dehydrated pet food? The Honest Kitchen is a fairly new pet food company who strives to provide organic and nutritious pet food. Rather than giving kibble to your pet, Honest Kitchen produces dehydrated food that—when hydrated—smells fantastic!

The Best Dry Food for Cats too! Taste of the Wild Cat Food Formulas

Frisky felines need not worry, as Taste of the Wild creates awesome cat food too.

The company currently offers 5 formulas for our feline friends.

The first formula—Angus Beef—is a limited ingredient diet which contains nothing but pasture-raised beef, lentils, and sunflower oil. This formula is ideal for cats who’ve got food sensitivities.

The formula—Taste of the Wild Prey Turkey— is also another limited ingredient diet. Like the Angus Beef formula, this diet contains cage-free turkey, lentils, and sunflower oil.

Taste of the Wild produces 2 formulas for cats that are not considered a limited ingredient diet. These 2 formulas are the:

  • Canyon River: Which contains smoked salmon and trout, and
  • Rocky Mountain: Which contains roasted venison and smoked salmon.

The Best Dog Food for Puppies: Taste of the Wild Puppy Formulas

Taste of the Wild dog food in scoop

If you’ve got a little pup, then you too can feed them Taste of the Wild dog food. The company currently offers pet owners two diets for young puppies.

The first and perhaps the most popular puppy diet is the High Praire Puppy Recipe. This TOTW formula contains both pasture-raised bison and pasture-raised venison as its main protein source.

The Prairie Puppy formula does also contain flaxseed, beef, ocean fish meal, peas, sweet potatoes, and lamb meal. This formula contains 28% protein and 17% fat, making it great for growing dogs.

The Pacific Stream is another puppy recipe that TOTW pet foods offer. The Pacific Stream contains salmon as its number one ingredient.

Similar to the High Prairie diet, this formula contains a minimum of 27% protein and 15% fat.

What About the Best Senior Dog Food?

The company currently does not offer a formula designed for senior pets. Before you place your old furry friend on this dog food, please consult your veterinarian.

TOTW Limited Ingredient Dog Food Formulas!

Taste of the Wild offers 3 limited ingredient formulas for dogs. These formulas are:

  • Angus Beef
  • Trout, and
  • Turkey

All Prey-Limited Ingredient formulas will contain a single source of protein, lentils, tomato pomace, and sunflower oil. All Prey-Limited Ingredient formulas will contain 27% protein and 15% fat.

Taste of the Wild Recall

Over the years, Taste of the Wild has encountered its fair share of problems. Recently, the company faces a lawsuit, as consumers were concerned about heavy metals and pesticides contamination.

Further testing of products revealed that the dog food formula did contain traces of arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium, acrylamide, pesticides, and BPA.

Diamond Pet Food is currently being blamed for misleading consumers. According to the United States District Court, the current class action complaint is for:

  • Misrepresentation
  • Violating the California Legal Remedies Act
  • False Advertising
  • Violating the California Unfair Competition Law

Taste of the Wild Reviews

three dogs trying taste of the wild wet food

If you’re looking to purchase this dog food for Fido, then please be aware that there are mixed reviews online.

They haven’t had loose stools since and that was about 6 months ago. Also had bad dandruff and it’s gone. Vet comments on coat.— Chewy

Jug my 1-year-old pit, was eating a limited ingredient dog food. He had started to have some skin problems and wasn’t really eating his food in one sitting anymore. After speaking with the vet we have switched to the taste of the wild venison and bison flavor and he absolutely loves it! He doesn’t wait for hours to eat it, and his skin has gotten a lot better!!—Chewy

So, is this All Natural Dog Food the Best for your Companion?

Although Taste of the Wild has promising ingredients, there have been some serious lawsuits against both TOTW and their manufacturer—Diamond Pet Food. So, before choosing food for your dog or cat, make sure you do plenty of research to make an informed decision.

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